We’re taking a breather this week in the space between Book 1 and Book 2. Book 2 takes us to poor, kudzu-ravaged Earth, where we get to meet our landlubber protagonists.

In the meantime, I thought you might find it interesting to see some of Linda’s doodles and character studies of Amelia.

Conceptually, Kudzu began as a web comic script (and if you look at the early posts on this site, you can see some of the original pages). The first thing Linda did when I handed her the script was start doodling in the margins.

One of the reasons I liked Linda for this job is that she does volunteer work at Diamond Rock Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, feeding raccoon and skunk babies and whatnot. One of the young orphans, Cinderella, offered to model for the role of Amelia.

And then here we have some more fully realized character sketches.

Hope you enjoyed the evolution of Amelia from a few words to a kick-ass spaceship pilot. Come back next Friday for the beginning of Book 2.