Well, there’s no kudzu today. Sorry. It’s been one of those weeks. You see, my car committed suicide.

It started with a check engine light. I drive a Scion XB – basically, a purple toaster on wheels. Drove, that is. The check engine light turned out to be a “emissions evaporation leak(small)” – which means it’s a pinhole somewhere in the parts of the car that exists between the gas cap and the engine and out to the exhaust pipe.

I was debating on whether to get that fixed or start looking for a new car sometime before inspection was due in November when it rained in my car. Yes, the windows were up. Yes, everything was closed. And yet it rained. Boxes of books were ruined. The floor became wet, and stayed wet, and with temperatures at a humid 80+ degrees, it wasn’t long before my car smelled like a locker room.

The following day, one of my tires went flat.

Fuck it, I said, I’m not putting a new tire on this car. I had until the donut spare tire died to find a new car.

While I was driving from dealer to dealer, the transmission started to fail.

So, with all the driving around and such, I had neither time nor brainspace to write. So there is no Kudzu today. But there is this:


Oh. And one more thing. Not all of last week was wasted. Some of you may have noticed that Sir Reginald sponsors a certain Journal of Unlikely Entomology, which is now in its third year of publication. Well, we’re increasing our pay rates and broadening our horizons, with Unlikely Story and the The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography. Good things to come and all that. 🙂

See you next week, when we return to our fateful characters as they muddle through the ossuary of doom.