About Kudzu

Kudzu, A Novel is a science fiction story about invasive species, genetic modification, talking racoons and the end of the world.

It started with a conversation on facebook about satellite graveyards, and what might live there. Innocent enough, right? But very quickly I got a very vivid image in my mind of this thing in space. The best way to show this was graphically, so I worked on a comic script, wrote up character descriptions, and handed it off to Linda. Linda loved the idea, worked up the first four pages, and then decided that she wasn’t cut out to be a comic book artist, and committing to do this would mean neglecting her own art.

So, the web comic has transformed to a web novel, with illustrations.

A prequel to this story appears in the Dark Quest Books anthology Galactic Creatures, which will be published toward the end of May, 2012.

1 thought on “About Kudzu”

  1. Can’t wait to read through this!

    Not just for the raccoons, either.

    (who am I kidding, it’s for the raccoons..)

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